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A Jekyll test site with no particular purpose.

Web development

A collection of short and sometimes longer articles regarding HTML, CSS, JavasSript and everything else that is useful for web development.

Most of these fragments, I’ve used in my own projects. They were either self developed or are based on ideas found on the net.

Here is the list.


Even though I use other editors like Sublime Text or Visual Studio Code a lot recently, good old Vim is still my preferred tool for everyday’s editing task mainly because of its unmatched flexibility and performance and the fact that it runs everywhere, including my toaster :)

This collection includes mostly Vim-related stuff, but there is some stuff about Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird as well.

Right now, there is not much as I’m still collecting the content from my old blog, that has not been updated for a couple of years, and converting it to markdown.

Here is the list.

Game of Thrones

I’m a fan of both the TV show and the books. One of the great things is the fan community which is not only huge, but also very creative.