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This is an old archived article. It is here for historical and nostalgic reasons only. The software described in this article (Miranda IM and its components) is no longer a project I'm working on. The article most likely will contain broken links, missing images as it was automatically converted from an old blog long gone.

The project is still an active Open Source project and should you be interested, more information about it is available here.

Miranda Nightly #51 and problems

Yesterday, “Nightly build #51 was released -

Unfortunately, the tabSRMM coming with that build has a few problems. It was mistakenly built from outdated sources older than 2 weeks and we are still investigating why it happend (either, my last CVS commit came too late or we have another CVS issue - it wouldn't be the first one, CVS had quite a few problems lately).

Anyway, this build basically works, but you should expect some troubles with the following things:

  • smileyadd / ieview (ieview itself works, but smileyadd may not, or the smiley button will do nothing).
    • minor bugs like a few menu items not working, maybe a few broken keyboard shortcuts.

    All these things are the result of using the outdated sources, so the issues are actually fixed and working, but the built which was released with Nightly #51 is somewhat broken.