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This is an old archived article. It is here for historical and nostalgic reasons only. The software described in this article (Miranda IM and its components) is no longer a project I'm working on. The article most likely will contain broken links, missing images as it was automatically converted from an old blog long gone.

The project is still an active Open Source project and should you be interested, more information about it is available here.

Warning for current clist_nicer

This is a small warning for all people who are using (or building) CVS builds of Miranda and/or components.

Today (March, 8, 2006) a big chunk of changes was commited for clist_nicer+ The changes were made to get a UNICODE safe genmenu system (configureable menus and all related stuff).

It is planned to test these changes on clist_nicer+ first, and, once they are stable enough, transfer them into the core part of the contact list so that all contact list plugins (including clist_classic) will then get a configureable and unicode-safe menu system.

As of now, clist_nicer+ is highly unstable (there are quite a few bugs to fix and some of them can _*cause serious crashes*_ and/or may _*screw up your current menu configuration*_). So please don’t use current CVS builds for a while and don’t report bugs, because we know it is not stable :)