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Transylvania Theme for Sublime Text 3.

Author: AlexVie
Title: Transylvania - a theme for Sublime Text 3
Language: en-US
Created: 06:18 on Saturday, 02. September 2017
Modified: 02:05 on Tuesday, 05. September 2017

This is a UI theme for Sublime Text 3 that harmonizes well with the Dracula syntax coloring scheme or other dark-ish color schemes.

Available on GitHub.

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This is a UI theme for Sublime Text 3 that harmonizes nicely with the popular Dracula syntax coloring scheme. It is compatible with all Sublime Text 3 builds, including the release version.

Transylvania Theme for Sublime Text 3
Transylvania Theme for Sublime Text 3
Transylvania Theme for Sublime Text 3

It is work in progress and you can currently only obtain it from its GitHub repo or this page. You need to install it manually, but once it’s done and I’m fully satisfied (which can take quite some time), I’m going to submit it to package control.

How to install manually

  • Download the file.

  • Find your packages folder. The easiest way is to ask Sublime Text by navigating to Preferences -> Browse Packages.... This will open a explorer window with the base folder of all installed packages.

  • Unzip the downloaded file to this folder. Make sure, you unzip it with full path name, creating a Theme - Transylvania folder in the packages directory. This folder name is case sensitive under Linux.

  • Navigate to Preferences -> Theme... and activate Transylvania.sublime-theme from the list of available themes.

  • Navigate to Preferences ->Color Scheme... and activate Transylvania from the list of available color schemes.

If you do not like the included syntax highlighting scheme, you can always use the Dracula scheme which I used as a base. My modifications are minor, the overall color schemes harmonize well enough.

Use git to install / update

Alternatively, you can always create the Theme - Transylvania folder in your packages root and then clone the theme with git into that folder. Makes updating a bit easier.

Bugs, issues, wishes

The theme’s home on the web is on GitHub and its issue tracker should be used for all inquiries.