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My thunderbird userChrome modifications

Last modified: , 609 Words
Wednesday, 18. October 2017 — 01:33 | by AlexVie

A small userChrome.css File to change some visual aspects of Mozilla Thunderbird. Works with TB version 52 or later (tested, may also work with older versions)

Available as public gist on GitHub.

Arc-Dark color scheme for Geany

Last modified: , 360 Words
Wednesday, 04. April 2018 — 06:18 | by AlexVie

This is a color scheme for the Geany IDE that matches the popular Arc-Dark color scheme for Gtk. It is based on the Monokai scheme from Geany Themes

Available on GitHub.

My TMux cheat sheet

Last modified: , 187 Words
Saturday, 28. October 2017 — 01:33 | by AlexVie

A quick and dirty compilation of keyboard shortcuts for tmux. Forked from a public gist.

Keep in mind that all keyboard commands are customizable, but in most cases, only the prefix is actually customized.

Visualize the commit history of a project under version control

Last modified: , 718 Words
Thursday, 26. October 2017 — 14:10 | by AlexVie

Every now and then, you stumble over something cool. This time it is a piece of software to visualize the history of source code repository.

GitHub video

Fix DLL rebasing problems in Cygwin and MSYS2

Last modified: , 636 Words
Wednesday, 18. October 2017 — 01:33 | by AlexVie

Sometimes, when launching new programs under Cygwin or MSYS2, you may encounter an error like this:

0 [main] zsh 8712 child_info_fork::abort: address space needed by ‘datetime.dll’ (0x3F0000) is already occupied

This means, a by default non-rebaseable DLL cannot be loaded into the address space it wants to go.

Transylvania - a theme for Sublime Text 3

Last modified: , 535 Words
Saturday, 02. September 2017 — 06:18 | by AlexVie

This is a UI theme for Sublime Text 3 that harmonizes well with the Dracula syntax coloring scheme or other dark-ish color schemes.

Available on GitHub.