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GoT season 8 facts known in September 2017

Author: Alex Vie
Title: What we currently know about season 8
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Created: 19:40 on Wednesday, 13. September 2017
Modified: 00:04 on Saturday, 07. October 2017

Game of Thrones Season 7 has seen its final just ab it over two weeks ago, but fans are already talking a lot about season 8.

The premiere of season 8 is still at least one year away, but a lot is already known about the final season that will bring everthing to an end.

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Update (October 7th, 2017)

It has now become fairly certain, that season 8 won’t premiere before 2019. Several sources, including some actors and others close to the production team have confirmed that filming of the final season will take longer than usual, possibly into late summer 2018, mainly quoting two reasons:

  • The episodes will be longer, rumors have it, all 6 episodes will be of feature film length, which means at least 80 minutes each.
  • Parallel shooting of multiple plot lines will be more difficult, thus less likely, simply because the majority of the main cast will participate in the same events and splitting won’t be as easy as before.

Season 7 has concluded just a bit over 2 weeks ago, but the community is already looking forward to the last and final season that will bring an end to one of the most popular TV shows of all time. We already see lots of speculation, some interesting and some rather stupid theories and enough excitement to make you think the show might already be running.

So here are some things we currently know for sure:

  • Season 8 will consist of only 6 episodes. However, it is currently not clear how much running time each episode will have. It is possible (but unconfirmed) that some or even all 6 episodes might be of feature-film length, that would mean at least 80 minutes per episode. What has been said is that it is going to be a big season, whatever that means.

  • The scripts are already done.

  • filming may start in late 2017, possibly in October, in other words: soon. More has not been confirmed yet.

  • The air date is still unclear. We should not expect it to air before late 2018 though, possibly early 2019.

  • The plot will be based on the two yet-to-be-finished novels The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring that are currently in the works by master mind GRRM.

What we can expect

A lot. Seriously, there are still so many things to finish, so many open ends to collect, we should really expect the pace at which events will happen in the final season to increase again, even when compared to the already fast-moving season seven. Which is something, I personally do not always like, but we need to realize that it’s a necessity as the plot will culminate in a series of events for which a couple of new entities (the Golden Company for example) will enter the stage.