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Theories about Tyrion Lannister

Author: Alex Vie
Title: GoT Theories about Tyrion
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Created: 19:05 on Monday, 11. September 2017
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Some theories about Tyrion Lannister who may or may not play an important role in the final season..

Quite a lot of speculations center on Tyrion, who always was one of the deepest and most interesting characters in the series. Neither exceptionally good nor evil, he is seen by many as a selfish and in most cases not very loyal person. He is also an excellent politician and a cunning strategist and we know he drinks and knows things.

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That’s what I do, I drink and I know things

This famous quote defines Tyrion spot on. He drinks a lot (of red wine) and he is one of the most knowledgeable folks in the show. Even though he is no Maester and no Varys, Tyrion’s knowledge about politics, history, warfare among other things is vast.

He knows something
He knows something
He knows something

Tyrion is seen as selfish and not very loyal. In the first couple of seasons he more or less served his family, particularly during the difficult times in season 2 when King’s Landing came under attack from Stannis Baratheon, when he orchestrated the successful defense of the besieged capital and won enough time until the Lannister army came to rescue.

Later on, he turned away from his family, driven by increasing hate for his abusing father, his evil sister Cersei and her even more evil offspring King Joffrey1, who on its own never hesitated to humiliate Tyrion openly. All that culminated in the final episode of season 4 with the famous privy scene:

you are no son of mine

… were the last words of the gravely wounded Tywin Lannister, addressing his son who just planted multiple crossbow bolts into his father’s chest.

So does that mean anything, and if yes, what?

Simple answer: We do not know. It is one of those carefully crafted and placed text lines that do indeed open up speculations and could mean everything or nothing at all. It could be a simple phrase, expressing how much hate Tywin still has for his dwarf-ish son, despite the fact that he felt his very last few heart beats. OR it could mean what some use as the base for a theory:

Tyrion is a bastard

One theory states that Tyrion might be the bastard son of late King Aerys II of House Targaryen and Tywin Lannister’s wife who reportedly died when giving birth to Tyrion. It could explain Tyrion’s dwarf-ish nature (we know, Aerys was mentally ill) and it could also explain Tywin’s massive hate towards his youngest son.

We know, Robert believed that King Aerys’ son Rhaegar had abducted and raped the love of his life, Lyanna Stark and this belief led to Robert’s open rebellion against the the Mad King. We also now know this cannot be the truth, as Lyanna likely fell in love with Rhaegar and married him in a secret ceremony.

Still, the possibility that Aerys had an affair with Tywin’s wife (or maybe just raped her) would be a driving force behind Tywin’s hatred for all Targaryen and his decision to support Robert’s rebellion with all his force.

Tyrion will (or already did?) betray Daenerys

In episode 7 of season 7, we have seen Tyrion negotiating with Cersei with the intention to bring her back to the table and reconsider her withdrawal after Jon openly admitted, that Daenerys would be his Queen of choice and he wasn’t going to bend the knee to Cersei.

It was a fairly emotional debate during which at one point Cersei threatened Tyrion via the omnipresent Gregor Clegane but refused from giving the final order to kill her brother. At this point, she already knew that Tyrion was not behind the death of Joffrey, otherwise he wouldn’t have survived it for sure.

What we have not seen is how Tyrion convinced Cersei to come back for further negotiations. Later we learned about her sinister plan to betray the people of Westeros by denying them all support in the upcoming battle(s) against the Night King. This disgusts Jaime so much that he ultimately decides to leave her and King’s Landing to ride north, risking his own death at the hands of Ser Zombified.

The big question here are:

  • Does Tyrion know anything about that evil plan to use the Night King against the people of Westeros?
  • If he does indeed know, how will he use this knowledge? Will he warn Daenerys or will he change sides and support his sister during the upcoming events of the final season?

Or maybe he did already change sides? Some people believe that Tyrion has been sabotaging Daenerys’ war efforts ever since they arrived in Dragonstone. The fact that his “clever plans” earned Daenerys some significant losses in the first couple of episodes in connection with his status as able strategist whose planning never before failed so hard, has the potential to fuel some speculations at least.

  1. Joffrey openly humiliates Tyrion at the «purple wedding» in episode 2, season 4 Video 

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