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Oscar Night!

Author: Alex Vie
Title: Oscar Night
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Created: 06:02 on Monday, 05. March 2018
Modified: 06:02 on Monday, 05. March 2018

Today, it’s Oscar Night. The 90th Academy Awards ceremony takes place in the honorable Dolby Theatre. Being a Cinenut ever since my dad took me to the local movie theatre for watching Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back when I was a young boy, this is a must watch for me.

I have seen most of the nominated movies and for the first time, I don’t really have clear favorites. Be it Dunkirk, The Shape Of Water, The Darkest Hour or Three Billboards… - they’re all exceptionally well made and the same is true for the other nominees. We’ll see how the Academy members decide…

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06:02 | by Alex Vie in Entertainment
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Update (March 6th, 2018)

The Oscar Night is now a event of the past.

For the curious, here are the full results with all nominees and winners.

It’s Oscar Night and so far, it’s going pretty much straightforward and thus a bit disappointing. It’s not the nominees or the movies themselves, in fact, there is a lot of great stuff this year, it’s just that everything goes as expected and according to the plan. Favorite wins and no big surprises up until now (I’m writing this while the nominees for best original score are announced). Gary Oldman and Frances McDormand already received their well deserved prices, both for absolutely brilliant acting performances in their respective movies.

Speaking of original scores - here is one that deserved the Award more than any other in the last 10 years, but came out blank.

Hans Zimmer, who wrote that magnificent piece of sound track for the movie Interstellar, is among the nominees for the 2018 award today with his creation for Dunkirk, but this year’s award went to the sound track for The Shape of Water. Again, no surprise and, to be honest, Zimmer has done much better work in the past.

The Big Winner

The Shape of Water won a total of four awards, including the two „big ones” (best picture and best director), followed by Dunkirk with three. Blade Runner 2049, Coco, Darkest Hour and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri won two awards each. One golden guy each was awarded to I, Tonya, Get Out, Call Me by Your Name, A Fantastic Woman, Icarus, Phantom Thread, Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405, The Silent Child, and Dear Basketball.

Clearly, there is no mega winner this year and overall, we have fifteen movies with at least one award. That’s a lot more than last year’s nine awarded productions and a good sign for the high number of quality productions among the nominees.

This and that

The Ceremony was straightforward and - as expected - professional. Host Jimmy Kimmel delivered a solid but uninspiring performance. At the beginning, he promised a price for the award winner who would deliver the shortest acceptance speech. Later in the show, he came up with a big surprise for the visitors of a nearby movie theatre just across the street of the famous Dolby Theatre where the Oscar ceremony traditionally takes place. Kimmel and a number of celebrities, including Gal Gadot, Emily Blunt, Armie Hammer and many others, headed over, gifted the unsuspecting movie-goers snacks and candies, announcing „You’re live at the Oscars” in the process. Whether it was staged or not, nobody knows. It did serve as a welcome break from the cyclic routine consisting of announcing nominees, followed by announcing the winner, followed by a thanks speech. Throw in a commercial break, rinse and repeat.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway got their second chance to announce the winner in the best movie category, and this time, they got it right (we still remember last year’s epic mishap, don’t we?). Not that it was their fault last year, but still embarrassing for sure.

Frances McDormand, who won the award in the best actress category for her stellar performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, delivered an emotional acceptance speech with a clear statement for gender equality and more inclusion in Hollywood. In her closing words, she encouraged all present female award nominees to make use of Inclusion Riders1.

  1. Basically, it’s an amendment to a contract which states that certain levels of diversity are to be met in a production. For example, such a clause could require a certain percentage of acting and/or supporting personnel to be female or people of color. 

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